Who are the Greek Women in Tech: A map with 10+ verticals, 30+ female founders

Who are the Greek Women in Tech: A map with 10+ verticals, 30+ female founders

The Greek tech ecosystem has seen an unprecedented growth during the past few years, with female entrepreneurs having a vital role in its development. 

In this article, The Recursive takes a look at who are the Greek women in tech that are shaping the country’s ecosystem and explores the different verticals where they are thriving.

From AI and medtech to e-commerce and startups and VCs, Greek women are continuously  working on improving the Greek tech ecosystem as founders, entrepreneurs, investors and many other roles in domestic and international tech companies and startups across Greece. Take a look at our list below.

“Women in tech, if you want something, go get it. Be curious and challenge yourself. Take the time to find your voice and make sure the products you create are high quality and help people in their everyday lives. I appreciate The Recursive’s initiative to highlight ambitious women who are conquering tech territories and inspiring others along the way.

Career development and female entrepreneurship

“Connecting visionary, conscious, courageous and diverse startup founders with generous angel investors towards a shared ORAMA (vision in Greek), to create a more sustainable and better world by solving individual problems with global reach.”

Niovi Christopoulou is an experienced business and legal professional currently focused on investments, VC and entrepreneurship.

Niovi is currently advising innovative companies on strategic and legal matters with a transatlantic focus (EU-based companies entering the US market, as well as US investors interested in EU-based opportunities). Niovi’s recent work experience includes working as director of capital partnering and Deputy GC at a NYC-based fintech company engineering first generation financial products with a focus on cryptocurrencies where she was engaged in product and business development, operations and legal matters.